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About us
We are family
We are called "amaranthed" and "crazy." We were told that it is impossible to make amaranth oil cold pressed. We were told that making amaranth groats in a world where everyone knows only grain is wrong, doing innovation in innovation is crazy. We were asked "how much oil is in your oil?" and we grinned perplexedly, explaining that all this is oil. The very thing that is written in books and told to children. The one that affects health, but does not create an illusion. In our work, we believe in one simple principle: what you seed is what you reap. Our values are as old as this world. Just do what you do honestly.
About the factory
Huller grinding machine
The equipment on which we produce flour, flakes and groats. Here the seed is selected for oil and the grain is cleaned
A container for amaranth grains, from which oil or bulk products will be further produced.
Oil workshop
The most affectionate machine - it does not heat the oil above 40 degrees.
In the production of oil, there is always a by-product - oilcake. In the photo - amaranth oilcake
Measure the temperature
This is a special thermometer that measures the temperature of the oil inside the machine.
Meet the team
We work to make you healthier.
  • Svetlana Tsoia
    Customer support
  • Duda Alexander
    Co-founder and specialist for growing amaranth
  • Sergey Shvedov
    Founder and Process Engineer
  • Andrey Shvedov
    Founder and Director
  • Nika Shvedova
  • Sergey Anikin
    Co-Founder and Technologist
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